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Exclusive kits of luxury jewelry, electronics,
elite accessories and VIP gifts by MJ

All luxury products and sets are made by hand according to individual orders from the rarest and most precious materials. Exotic leathers, furs, solid gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, ivory, meteorites, mahogany, blackwood, carbon fiber, Damascus steel, Mokume-Gane, collectible fossils and other unique premium materials. It is possible to complete sets with any number of products from different collections in the same style. On order, top-class products are completed with designer boxes with diamond identifiers and exclusive personalization.

Royal Kit - Elite Ultrabook (Mini Laptop), Photo Frame, Mouse & USB Flash Drive 128gb Made of Genuine Fur by MJ. Individual orders exclusive sets of any kinds and colors of fur and leather in combination with precious metals. See also luxury catalogs - www.notebook777.com, www.frame.mj777.com, www.mouse.mj777.com, www.vip-flash.com

Golden phone, ring, lighter, spoon, seal with Any State Emblem - Luxury Customization by MJ. This set may be equipped with any number of products made in the same style of yellow or white gold. Individual orders VIP sets from any products with the national symbol of any country, zodiac signs, initials ...

Exclusive Jewelry Set Handcrafted Customization by MJ. Individual orders sets of necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, brooches and any other decorations. Any set can be made of any kind of precious metals and gems. See also the author's catalog of elite decorations - www.jewelry.mj777.com

Elite Set of Ostrich Leather - Briefcase and Belt Gold Edition 18k by MJ. Individual orders buckle, lock and other accessories can be made from white or black gold.  And all kinds of colors and exotic skins - ostrich, alligator, caiman, python, shark, elephant, secreted ... And of course, any other set of equipment accessories - handbags, wallets, phone covers, folders, key rings ... See also catalog exclusive belts - www.belts.mj777.com and vip portfolios - www.bag.mj777.com

Luxury Kit of Cover, Key Chains and Phone Customization by MJ. Cover, phone and key fob gold and python leather and inlaid with individual personalization. For personal wishes covers, keychains and tuned phones of any kinds and colors of skin. Vip catalog covers - www.case.mj777.com, vip phones - www.phones.mj777.com, vip trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com

President Kit - Laptop, Briefcase, Mouse, USB Flash Drive Key Ring, Smartphone Apple iPhone by MJ. Laptop, phone, mouse, flash drive and the briefcase for laptop and accessories from genuine crocodile leather and gold. Presidential suite handmade white leather crocodile with the state symbols of solid gold 777 carats. Individual orders, any coloring of the skin. Accessories and decorative items made of silver, platinum or gold. Personalize any product possible emblems, signs of the zodiac, monograms, emblems, logos ...

Premium Kit of Accessories for Apple, Vertu, Nokia, Samsung, Mobiado, Blackberry & Others of Python Skin by MJ. Premium sets accessories handcrafted from genuine python skin, crocodile, monitor lizard, ostrich, shark, elephant and other species. Exclusive sets of bags, cases, cases for any Apple products and other brands. VIP covers any modifications Laptop Apple MacBook Pro and Macbook Air, tablets Apple iPad, Apple iPad Mini, phones Apple iPhone, players Apple iPod, and any other gadgets from Vertu, Nokia, Samsung, Mobiado, etc. Also, any additional accessories in the same style - wallets, belts, business card, credit card, covers for documents, cases for glasses, shoes, clothes, large bags, handbags, diplomats, attaché cases, briefcases...

Luxury suites weapons subject of real gold by MJ. Military set of golden revolver, gold trinket as an automaton, and gold cufflinks in the form of grenades. Individual orders any products military theme - golden bullet, gun, knife, rifle... Chance inlay diamonds, leather, wood, mother of pearl, amber and other materials VIP. See also the catalog of the collection of weapons premium - www.weapon.mj777.com Catalog of exclusive handmade trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com Catalog luxury cufflinks and tie clips - www.cufflinks.mj777.com

Royal Kit - Luxury Pen & Mobile Phone Exclusive Edition - Customization by MJ. VIP phone and pen of white gold 777-carats. Gift set for a top-class managers. Production for individual orders in a single copy of any articles of precious metals and stones. Gold jewelry is available in all colors and samples - 585, 750, 777, 888, 958, 999 - Gold 14 to 24 carats. Also any kind of white available rare precious metals - platinum, palladium, rhodium, osmium... Presentation box of natural ebony and buffalo leather with a diamond identifier. See also catalog lux phones - www.phones.mj777.com, pens - www.pens.mj777.com & boxes - www.box.mj777.com

Exclusive Handmade Furniture - Unique Set of Genuine Leather with Gems by MJ. Sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, ottomans, tables, cabinets and any other furniture from Art Studio MJ  Individual orders any furniture design. Any colors and kinds of genuine exotic leather and fur. Unique accessories made of silver, gold, platinum, carbon fiber, wood decor with precious stones. Details listing furniture unique VIP premium - www.furniture.mj777.com

Luxury Customization - Solid Gold Watch, Gold Ring, & Gold USB Flash Drive by MJ. Exclusive products from gold, platinum and diamonds for individual orders. Individual orders preparation and production of VIP sets from any number of products. Catalog vip hours - www.watch.mj777.com, flash drives - www.vip-flash.com, rings - www.ring.mj777.com

MJ Laptop & Mouse Swarovski / Diamond Edition - Inlaid Crystal Swarovski or Gems. Individual orders VIP clients a set of laptop mouse and other accessories decorated with real diamonds. Tuning and customization of any notebook models and accessories any kind of precious and semiprecious stones. See also catalog luxury laptops - www.notebook777.com and luxurious pads - www.mouse.mj777.com

Gold Cutlery for VIP - Royal Set of Cutlery - Only Handmade for Individual Order by Art Studio MJ. Unique sets of gold cutlery handmade Art Studio MJ. Individual orders any design, any type and amount of cutlery. All kinds of forks, spoons, knives, skewers, tongs, scissors, blades and any other utensils. And VIP personalization - cutlery with family coat of arms, monograms, signs of the zodiac and any other symbols. Jewelry cutlery from any kinds of precious metals - gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium... See also exclusive catalog of cutlery and crockery author handmade - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Luxury Laptop MJ Gold Croco Duo Leather Edition - Black Python & Columbian Crocodile Skin - Cayman. Individual orders all kinds of exotic leather - crocodile, alligator, caiman, anaconda, python, cobra, stingray, sea eel, iguana, lizard, shark, hippopotamus, elephant, rhino, giraffe, buffalo, buffalo... www.skin.mj777.com. VIP suite - luxurious gold laptop skin crocodile and python. Royal grade.

Large Set of Boots, Shoes and Bag Made of Genuine Python Leather by MJ. Individual orders any luxury accessory sets made of exotic leathers. In the art-studio MJ presented more than 5000 different kinds and colors of leather and fur - www.skin.mj777.com. See also catalog of vip shoes - www.shoes.mj777.com & vip bags - www.bag.mj777.com

Exclusive Ivory Mammoth Kit - Apple iPhone, Pen and USB Flash Drive - Handcrafted by MJ. Pen, phone and USB flash drive from mammoth ivory and platinum. Individual orders inlay any emblems. Unique sets of products decorated with ivory, mammoth tusk, tooth sperm whale teeth of a lion, Tiger Claw, narwhal horn, petrified wood, bone fossils, dinosaur bones, Megalodon tooth... Any sets of natural bone - pens, knives, souvenirs, flash drives, key chains, figurines, ornaments, jewelry boxes... See also catalog of unique products and bones, fangs, claws, tusks - www.bone.mj777.com. Listings exclusive handles and accessories made of precious materials - www.pens.mj777.com. Catalogs tuned luxury smartphone Apple iPhone - www.iphone-luxury.com. Catalogue of copyright and design flash drives premium class - www.vip-flash.com

Luxury Crocodile Leather Genuine Bags, Case, Purse by Art-Studio MJ. Exclusive sets of leather bags of all sizes from clutches and gunbag to valises and suitcases. Applies only for the production of handicraft and leather, bison, buffalo, calf, crocodile, alligator, caiman, python, anaconda, karung, boa, shark, stingray, ostrich, elephant, hippo, rhino, camel, fish Queens, iguanas, monitor lizard and other exotic species. High-quality accessories made of precious metals and unique polymers, carbon, titanium... In individual orders any number of sets of articles of all types of bags and accessories - luxury handbags, backpacks, purses, wallets, purses, diplomats, cases, bags, covers, purses, cases, key rings, Coin purse, card holders, suitcases, briefcases, folders, diaries, cigarette cases, tubes, cases, holsters, belts, jackets, gloves and other accessories. Also bags can be personalized inlaid them personal or corporate logo, logo, monogram or coat of arms, thus giving a uniform style. Details listing luxury handbags and accessories from MJ - www.bag.mj777.com

Set of big purses and wallets in genuine alligator skin. Furnishings of sterling silver. Handmade by MJ. Individual orders the production of all bags, briefcases, purses, wallets male and female models. See also catalog exclusive handbags - www.bag.mj777.com, catalog vip purses - www.wallets.mj777.com. Set of purses and wallets in genuine alligator skin. Sterling silver fittings.

Luxury gift sets different accessories with romantic symbolism of the skin and platinum or gold by MJ. Individual orders can be any grade of products from exotic leathers and furs of all colors. Trinkets, mirrors, handles, powder, sweets, bookmarks, cigarette lighters, car keychain, ribbons for phones... See also catalog trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com product catalog and romantic edition - www.wedding.mj777.com. All products are top-class packaged in exclusive gift boxes and boxes - www.box.mj777.com

Unique Set Amber Jewelry - Earrings & Ring Lux Edition by MJ. Set of gold rings and gold earrings with amber - www.amber.mj777.com
Individual orders sets jewelry inlaid with precious stones any, and coral, mother of pearl, jet, carbon, wood, leather, bone and other valuable materials.

Laptop MJ Ferrari Gold Leather Edition - Python Skin (Notebook, Mouse, Mini Case & Bag). VIP kit - laptop, mouse, case and bag in lacquer red leather and black python skin. Emblem, logo, scanner, buttons, rivets and gold hardware. Encrusted with diamonds.

MJ VIP Royal Kit MJ Stingray Genuine Leather - Wallet, iPhone Case and USB Flash Drive Key Ring 32-512gb. Bridal Accessory Set stingray leather - purse, case for iPhone and USB flash drive. See also exclusive flash - www.vip-flash.com tuned and smartphones from MJ www.iphone-luxury.com

Purse with cobra head, purse, trinkets, doc cover, housekeeper, cosmetic bag made of genuine leather. Elite accessories handmade leather cobra, pangolin, moray eels, whale, hippo, elephant, crocodile... See also catalog VIP purses - www.wallets.mj777.com, document covers - www.passport.mj777.com, Listings copyright handmade trinkets from MJ - www.keychains.mj777.com

XL King Set of Exclusive Accessories Python Leather - Boots, Belt, Bracelet, Clutch. Individual orders all kinds of accessories - shoes, belts, handbags, wallets, covers, cases... And all kinds of colors and exotic skins - python, anaconda, cobra, crocodile, stingray, shark, ostrich, elephant... Exclusive belts and straps for luxury lovers and true luxury - www.belts.mj777.com. Copyright bracelets elite class of leather, gold, wood, diamonds - www.bracelets.mj777.com. Designer shoes handmade from exotic leather and fur - www.shoes.mj777.com. Exclusive clutches, handbags, diplomats, briefcases and accessories - www.bag.mj777.com

VIP Accessories Crocodile Leather Set - Belt and Boots with Gold Inlaid 18k or 24k. Stylish collection of cowboy boots and belt from crocodile skin and fittings of 18-or 14-karat gold. See also catalog of elite sets - www.set.mj777.com and catalos of vip belts - www.belts.mj777.com

Unique Exclusive Kit - Knife, Pen, USB Flash Drive & Lux Accessories Mokume Gane Limited Edition by MJ. Exclusive set of knives, pens, flash drives and other luxury accessories from pr. materials engineering Mokume gane. A combination of metal jewelry of different colors - yellow gold, pink gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium... See also directories VIP handles - www.pens.mj777.com, flash drives - www.vip-flash.com, and elite sets - www.set.mj777.com

Copyright accessory sets made of genuine alligator skin by MJ - Handmade Customization. Copyright accessory sets made of genuine alligator skin. Case for phone or glasses, cover for civil and passport alligator. Individual orders any accessories from all kinds of colors and exotic leather handmade. Catalogue covers mobile - www.case.mj777.com, VIP points - www.glasses.mj777.com, and document covers - www.passport.mj777.com

VIP Kit - Pen Holder, Dairy Cover, Watchband and Credit Card Holder Made of Exotic Leg Leather. Design Kit from the case for pens, diary, watch straps and, credit card / business card from exotic leathers. Sets are performed on individual orders in the same style and color. Within the sets of 2 to 10 different products.

Stylish set of yellow ostrich leather - belt money clip and keychain flash drive from MJ. Individual orders production of any collections of any kinds and colors of leather.

Elite set - Belts, watches and shoes handmade of alligator and gold by MJ. Elite set - Belts, watches and shoes alligator and gold 777 th or 999 th sample. Kits are available for individual orders. Possible any grade accessories. Women's and men's shoes made from exotic leathers complete with belts, bags, purses, briefcases, key chain, bracelet, purse, covers for documents, mobile phone cases, spectacle cases, laptop cases, hats and other accessories. See also directories elite belts - www.belts.mj777.com, hours - www.watch.mj777.com, purse - www.wallets.mj777.com, trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com, handbags - www.bag.mj777.com, and other accessories - www.accessories.mj777.com

Stylish set of glasses and cufflinks in white gold 750-carat, black amber and diamonds by MJ. See also catalog luxury glasses and cases - www.glasses.mj777.com, catalog vip cufflinks - www.cufflinks.mj777.com

VIP Pen and Calculator Made of Precious Metals Gold, Silver and Gems. Royal set of pen and calculator from precious metals & stones. Set-cast made of gold and platinum inlaid with emeralds, rubies & diamonds. Individual orders any armchair, office & business accessories made of gold, stone, leather, wood...

Lux Kit - VIP Accessories for Vertu - Python Set Exclusive Gold Edition - Cover, Wallet and Belt. Bridal accessories kit copyright python skin with gold accessories - a belt, purse and Case for Vertu. All products are made from python. Individual orders all kinds of exotic leather. Case for twists and purse decorated initials - monogram of 18-carat gold. Belt with gold buckle. Individual orders all kinds of genuine leather luxury and personalization of gold or silver.

Exclusive Mouse MJ Luxury Edition & Golden WiFi Keyring - Exotic Leather - Iguana Red. Stylish set of computer accessories - exclusive mouse and wifi stick from iguana skin and gold. Individual orders issued mice models and accessories in leather crocodile, python, ostrich, shark, secreted... Catalog luxury mice from MJ - www.mouse.mj777.com, vip trinkets MJ - www.keychains.mj777.com

Wooden Computers - Wood Monitor, Wood PC, Wood Keyboard, Wood Mouse. Exclusive set of unique electronics and luxury of wood, leather, gold, platinum... Elite desktop computer handmade. Set based on the most modern components. System case, monitor, keyboard, mouse and other accessories made of wood. Accessories and decorative items and insertion of gold, platinum, leather, and stone. Only luxury. Only handmade. Only for individual orders. www.super-computers.mj777.com

Elite set - a chess table and chairs made of precious woods, exotic leather and ivory. Individual orders and playing all kinds of classical furniture-grade wood. Black African tree, Blackwood, Ebony, Karelian birch, rosewood, amaranth, mahogany mahogany Wenge, Zebrano, ipe, teak, jarrah, ironwood, oak maren, stable wood, petrified wood... See also directories exclusive games - www.games.mj777.com, luxury sports equipment - www.sport.mj777.com As well as exclusive furniture made of valuable wood species - www.furniture.mj777.com

Exclusive Set of Tag Heuer Phone & Watch - Handmade Tuning & Customization by MJ. Mobile phone and watch covered matte platinum, decorated in black leather with red stitching iguanas, giving set of integrity. Replacement of the skin on the phones and watchbands, polishing, laser engraving, inlay, embroidery, personalization... Giving phones, watches and any other things using a single style tuning skin and precious metals. Tuning and restyling any phones and watches - www.watch.mj777.com & www.phones.mj777.com

VIP set - jacket, belt, case for phone and purse made of sea snake leather by MJ. Any luxury clothing, jackets, jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, gloves and accessories from exotic skins for individual tailoring. Any color crocodile, alligator, caiman, kangaroos, deer, bison, fish, hippo, elephant, ostrich, iguana, monitor lizard... See details in catalogs - exclusive clothing - www.clothes.mj777.com, luxury purses - www.wallets.mj777.com, belts - www.belts.mj777.com

MJ Luxury Set of Python Leather Accessories - Bag, Case for Apple iPhone, and Book-Cover for Apple iPad. Luxury laptop bags, cases & cases of pink, red, blue, black, brown, white skin. Any color python, monitor lizard, ostrich, crocodile, alligator, stingray, elephant, shark, buffalo, bison, eel... Copyright accessories for all models of phones, smartphones, tablets & other gadgets all brands Apple, Vertu, Sony, Tag-Heuer, Samsung, LG, Prada, Dior, Blackberry, Porsche Design, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Bellperre, Ulysse Nardin, Goldvish, Lenovo, Acer, Ferrari, HP, Compaq, Philips, Panasonic, Versace, Asus, Lamborghini, HTC, Gucci, Armani... Catalog tuned phones & accessories for apple iphone - www.iphone-luxury.com. Listings tablets & bags for different gadgets - www.ipad.mj777.com. Clutches, folders, briefcases, diplomats, backpacks - www.bag.mj777.com. Catalog modding laptops & laptop bags - www.notebook777.com

MJ HANDMADE KEYCHAIN & COVER FOR APPLE iPHONE 14 Pro Max, 13, 12 & any other models. Luxurious set of cover for your phone and key fob from pony fur leopard coat color and gold. Covers for all models of iPhone and any other phone. Any size, Any model. Covers are made of fur - ponies, mink, chinchilla, leopard, fox, ermine, sable... Also made trinkets & stick to boot - www.vip-flash.com & www.keychains.mj777.com. VIP catalog covers for Nokia, Samsung, Vertu, Blackberry, Porsche Design, Xiaomi, Huaive, HTC, Sony, LG, Tag Heuer, etc. - www.case.mj777.com

Exclusive jewelry sets premium of precious metals and gemstones by MJ. Individual orders kits - pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry. See also catalog exclusive handmade earrings - www.earrings.mj777.com. Listings exclusive pendants and necklaces handmade - www.necklace.mj777.com. Catalog of exclusive handmade rings - www.ring.mj777.com

Elite Collectible & Gift Books Unique Handcrafted Edition - Customization by MJ. Luxury gift books are available in custom series & sets a single copy. Numbered books handmade leather-bound & gold inlaid diamond identifiers. Any collectible books authors on any language in any copyright kits. Individual orders unique bindings of exotic leather decorated with precious metals & stones - sapphires, emeralds, rubies, amber, gold, platinum, silver. Personalization by embossing gold leaf or gold cast, volume milling, airbrushing, carving, engraving, art painting... details in the VIP catalog of books & bindings - www.book.mj777.com,

LUXURY SET - VIP ACCESSORIES OF STINGRAY LEATHER by MJ. Wallet, purse and other accessories made of genuine stingray leather, accessories made of silver or gold. Individual orders grade sets any number of different accessories. All items are executed in the same style of the same kind of leather and accessories. Any kinds of colors and exotic stingray leather, crocodile, python, ostrich, elephant, shark, secreted... More information in the catalog of MJ luxury handbags - www.bag.mj777.com, belts - www.belts.mj777.com, cell phone cases - www.case.mj777.com, wallets and purses - www.wallets.mj777.com, covers for documents - www.passport.mj777.com. Luxury stick - www.vip-flash.com

Unique set of gold - golden handcuffs for hands, golden handcuffs and gold finger knuckle by MJ. Exclusive Products are performed on individual orders of 14, 18 or 24 carat gold or sterling silver. Unique accessories can be just as covered with gold (gold plated), and made of solid cast gold. Individual orders exclusive sets a variety of products from a single gold theme and style. See also the examples of products from cast gold www.gold.mj777.com products and gilded - www.gilding.mj777.com

VIP Kit Exotic Leather Monitor Lizard Single Copy Edition by MJ. Watchband Case for smartphone, wallet, passport cover, and other accessories. Tailoring exclusive collections of exotic skin is secreted, iguanas, crocodile, python, stingray, shark... Exclusive bracelets and straps for all models of watches - www.watch.mj777.com. Copyright covers all phones and other devices - www.cover.mj777.com. Elite covers for passports & other docs - www.passport.mj777.com. Designer purses & wallets - www.wallets.mj777.com

Laptop MJ Ferrari Gold 777 Leather Edition - Crocodile Skin (Notebook, Radio Mouse, USB Flash Drive). Exclusive Laptop, mouse, flash drive and a portfolio of genuine crocodile leather and white gold 777k. Accessories and decorative items from a unique alloy white gold 777th karat. According to the individual wishes of all kinds of electronics, accessories and leather crocodile. Any color alligator, caiman, crocodile porosus, niloticus, siamesis, oris umscar etc. Unique Handcrafted Customization Kit by Art-Studio MJ

Platinum, White and Black Gold Set of Hand Clock and USB Flash Drive - Customization by MJ. Gift sets for government officials, politicians and patriots. Individual orders any VIP jewelry inlaid national symbols of any State. Pocket watch and a flash card of platinum, white gold and black with the emblem of the Russian Federation, USA, Germany, Ukraine, Japan, UAE and any other logotypes and customization.

Luxury Set of Tableware Made of Gold with Ukraine Emblem. The State Emblem of Ukraine (trident) is made by hand from rhodium gold. Individual orders decanters, glasses, wine glasses and any other utensils, cutlery, souvenirs, figurines, pens, lighters, furniture, clothing, accessories, badges inlaid with any emblems. Only manual work and only precious materials - gold, platinum, silver, palladium, diamonds... See also catalog luxury cutlery and crockery - www.cutlery-luxury.com. Listings exclusive bottles and elite VIP drinks - www.bottle.mj777.com. Catalog elite gifts handmade - www.souvenirs.mj777.com

Design Kit of Stingray Leather -  Vest Belt, USB flash drive keychain and card holder wallet by MJ. Copyright sets stingray leather with accessories of stingray ray leather and white gold 777 karat. Luxurious vest, belt, keychain flash drive & card holder wallet from MJ. Individual orders any clothing & accessories of precious materials.. Any size. Any styles. Any design. Any color exotic skin. See also catalog of exclusive high-tech flash cards and trinkets - www.vip-flash.com. Elite handmade clothes - www.clothes.mj777.com. Interior hides & exotic skins by MJ - www.skin.mj777.com

Royal Kit - Laptop, Briefcase, Mouse and Key Ring Flash Drive Made of Alligator & Crocodile Leather with Pure Gold by MJ. Royal exclusive sets of equipment & accessories alligator & crocodile skins with any signs of the zodiac. Unique sets of a tuning laptop, mouse, flash drives & luxury portfolio. Any bag, laptop or other accessory can be personalized using platinum or gold inlays zodiac sign, emblem, or other symbols. Examples of work can look in the catalogs of art-studio MJ - vip laptops - www.notebook777.com, Luxury Handbags - www.bag.mj7777.com, mouse - www.mouse.mj777.com, stick - www.vip-flash.com

Exclusive hunting knives. Knives for cutting meat, for gutting, skinning etc. by MJ. Luxury and exclusive sets of knives handmade gift box. Exclusive hunting knives. Knives for cutting meat, for gutting, skinning... Blade of Damascus steel. Handles of ivory and mammoth ivory carving and milling with. Individual orders all kinds of knives, weapons and any other accessories. Gift box made of solid birch wood log cap with gold fittings. See also catalog of collectible knives, elite daggers, premium swords, bespoke sabers... www.knife.mj777.com. Also catalog unique VIP boxes & jewelry boxes - www.box.mj777.com.

Exclusive set of utensils & accessories for special occasions. All made of gold cast 24k (999k) by MJ. Individual orders trays, teapots, Tea kettles, cups, candlesticks, saucers, sugar, candy, cutlery... handmade of Silver, Platinum, Gold, Diamonds & other premium materials - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

Exotic Kit Snake Leather - Bag & Shoes Handcrafted. Handbag and shoes made of genuine snake skin. Individual tailoring of any kits. Copyright kits bags, shoes, belts made from python, anaconda, viper, cobra... Catalog of exclusive shoes - www.shoes.mj777.com. Catalog copyright handbags - www.bag.mj777.com

Exclusive Set Crocodilians Leather Kit with Real Gold by MJ. Big set of genuine skin accessories & precious metals inlaid. Watch straps - www.watch.mj777.com, purses & wallets - www.wallets.mj777.com, Cases for mobile phones - www.case.mj777.com, covers for passports - www.passport.mj777.com, business card, credit card, for coins, bracelets, collars, belts, & any other accessories for men & women. Individual orders all kinds of colors & exotic leather luxury finishes with monograms of gold.

Luxury Gold Set by MJ - Tie Clit & Cufflinks - Individual Customization by MJ. Individual orders any design men's & women's accessories in gold or platinum. Elite suites can be equipped with an additional ring, chain, phone & other products in the same style. Available inlaid with diamonds & personalization. Any emblems, monograms, wishes. See also catalog VIP cufflinks & tie clips - www.cufflinks.mj777.com

Royal Kit MJ Luxury Limited Edition - Genuine Wood, Leather, Precious Metals & Gems by MJ. Luxury dining rooms, offices, directorships and writing sets. Only handmade and precious material - valuable types of wood, exotic leather, gold, silver, gemstones, amber, mother of pearl, meteorites, tektites, obsidian, crystal, diamonds, and other delights for individual orders for VIP suites. Set is completed according to customer requirements any number of items and accessories in a single design - print, paperweights, calendars, ashtrays, table clocks, stationery knife, magnifying glass, pens, inkwells, blotters, statues, busts, arms, trays and instruments stand for pencils, pens stand, pedestal fountain pens, candle lighters, staplers, folders for signatures, business card holders, table mat, flagpole box with paper for taking notes, writing pad. And the royal office electronics in the same style with written sets and accessories - landline phones, fax machines, copiers, weather stations, desktop computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, copper centers, TVs, laptops and any other products in the author's design from the Art Studio MJ.

Exclusive Set Crocodile Leather with Initials & Buckle made of Gold Personalized. Making copyright accessory kits, belts, wallets & cases for phones with personalization pure gold. Any product can be inlaid initials, monogram, emblem, coat of arms or any other sign of gold or platinum. Individual orders any color, skin types & tanning - alligator, calf, sheep, kid, husky, nubuck, suede, lacquer, gloss... Bridal belts - www.belts.mj777.com, VIP covers - www.case.mj777.com, elite purse - www.wallets.mj777.com

Extreme Luxury Case Royal Kit for Mobile Phone Vertu with Unique USB Flash Drive and Other Customization by MJ. VIP accessory kit made of 18-karat gold cast and genuine crocodile leather. Extreme luxury in a royal set of MJ. Excusive case for phone with 512GB memory stick on the remote control. All Made From Exotic Leather Crocodile Skin Brown & Solid White Gold 750 Luxury Things 18kt, Elite case based on original case Vertu Oyster Shell. Under the order covers for any models of phones, sunglasses or any other products. All skin types and colors are available. Tuning of the Art Studio MJ. See also catalog luxury jewelry handmade flash drives and gadgets - www.vip-flash.com. Catalog spectacle case for glasses - www.glasses.mj777.com and elite covers for phones - www.case.mj777.com

Exclusive comb, case for comb and mirror made of gold vintage style from Art Studio MJ. Premium set - exclusive comb, mirror case and gold vintage style from Art Studio MJ. Design any models of accessories & supplies for men, women and children. Any size & design. Any interior luxury item, household items, souvenir or accessory of gold & diamonds. Individual orders any jewelry made of precious metals & stones.

MJ Unique Laptop, Mouse & USB Stick of White Gold & Crocodile Skin - Kit Customize by MJ. Any products for individual orders decorated with crocodile leather, gold, diamonds... Bespoke Electronics Set.

Exclusive Gold Kit for Individual Order by MJ - All Made of Gold & Gems. Author sets out absolutely any products made in the same style of precious metals & stones. Photo frames, souvenirs, case for lipstick, pens, pins, cosmetics, glasses, remote control, car keys... Any products & things that surround us Art Studio MJ turns into unique VIP products. Themed gift sets for both men & women in gold, silver or platinum.

Exclusive Fur Kit - Luxury Ball & Toys Panda of Genuine Fur - VIP Gift Customization by MJ. Glamorous furry set VIP products from natural fur. Individual orders any toys, gifts, souvenirs, bags, pillows, sofas, chairs, covers, clothing, coats, hats, accessories & all kinds of premium fur - mink, sable, fox, lynx, pony, llama, hare, chinchilla, leopard, zebra, bear, wolf, raccoon, beaver, broadtail, rex, coyote, panther, lion, jaguar, tiger, cheetah, fox and others. See also catalog exclusive fur - www.fur.mj777.com

Elite Cutlery of Gold & Jewelry Box of Shark Leather Handcrafted Single Edition by MJ. Spoons, forks, knives of all sizes and designs of gold, silver, platinum or palladium with decor gems. Individual orders dining sets of all types of precious metals with the family coat of arms and monograms. Details listing exclusive crockery and cutlery - www.cutlery-luxury.mj777.com

MJ ELITE SET EXCLUSIVE HANDMADE CASE WITH PRIVATE INITIALS & UNIQUE KEY RING. Elegant small set of covers for mobile phones and key fobs of leather karung, gold and platinum.. Individual orders this set can be upgraded any accessories from exotic skins. Exclusive cases and cases of leather handmade sea snake, cobra, python, caiman, shark, elephant, hippo, emu, alligator, ostrich, frog, toad, eel, deer, ray, fish... Also on the case and any other product monogram inlaid in gold, platinum, palladium, silver.. See also catalog suite covers - www.keychains.mj777.com VIP and trinkets - www.keychains.mj777.com

Unique Restyling Kit of Vertu Phone & VIP Lighters - Set Customization by MJ. Unique set of luxury accessories religious subjects with a cross. All items are made of gold, decorated with precious stones - emeralds, rubies, sapphires... A set can be supplemented by written instruments, jewelry & accessories in the same style. Individual orders any sets with inlaid or other religious symbols in the author's edition. See also catalog of exclusive products with various religious symbols - www.religion.mj777.com. Gold & platinum Vertu Signature Touch phones & other models in leather & precious metals - www.vertu.mj777.com. Luxury lighters handmade gold, platinum, silver, wood, stone, leather - www.lighters.mj777.com

Fantastic set of new model PC, monitor, keyboard & mouse of mahogany by MJ. Design super computers of precious wood, exotic leather & natural stone. Buttons & decor computer mice & keyboards encrusted with gold & diamonds. See also catalog modding & tuning pc - www.super-computers.mj777.com

VIP Kit - Fancy Black Brilliant Pen & Cufflinks Customization by MJ. Individual orders inlay any set of classic white or colored diamonds. Also in the kit can be supplemented by telephone, clock, tie-clip, and other accessories in the same style. See also catalog vip handles - www.pens.mj777.com vip and cufflinks - www.cufflinks.mj777.com. VIP gift set - pen and cufflinks in white gold 750-carat diamonds and black

Exclusive Kit Premium White Crocodile Skin with Gold Customize - Laptop, Briefcase, Mouse, Keyring, Flash Drive & Premium Packing. Accessories and decorative items made of gold and fancy diamonds unique faceting. Individual orders any sets tuned electronics in a single design.

Luxury Kit of Earrings and Necklace Made of Gold & Gems by MJ. For private & Individual orders the production of luxury sets of any exclusive jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, brooches, pins, pendants, charms, watches, bracelets... www.jewelry.mj777.com. See also catalog copyright necklace - www.necklace.mj777.com and earrings - www.earrings.mj777.com. Luxury jewelry sets - necklace and earrings of gold and precious stones.

MJ Elite Set of Python Skin - Phone Case, Briefcase, Wallet, Purse, Strap, Key Ring, Flash Drive, Cards Holder... Rare set of genuine python leather in the same style for individual orders from the Art Studio MJ. Also possible combination with any kind of electronics, jewelry and any other VIP products by MJ.


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